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Hey! I'm Destination Toast, and I'm a geek (cognitive science, computer science, stats, math, and occasional bouts of chemistry and other geekitudes) and an all around silly person. Also a huge fan of Sherlock -- it's Sherlock that has drawn me back into fandom as of late, and this is my fannish account.

I started this LJ account mostly to participate in the Sherlock kinkmeme and similar bits of fandom; so far, I'm currently not very active here. You can find me in the following places:

  • AO3, where I post my fanfic (mostly John/Sherlock), including:

    • May Your Heart Purr Like A Bumblebee: In which Harry is the biggest John/Sherlock shipper: Harry Watson is back from rehab and temporarily staying with John and Sherlock. She and John warily begin to rebuild their friendship, and then she makes some observations about her little brother and his flatmate which throw John entirely off balance.

    • The Sound of Settling: What would it be like to date someone? (Unknown.) Would it be interesting? (Not with most people.) (John is not most people.) Would he learn anything? (Science?) It might be worth it to see what he can learn.... He teeters on the edge of saying something. -- Six times John and Sherlock settled, and one time they didn’t.

    • Every Night I Look for You: Every night I look for you. Oh, I know. It’s a pointless search. I’ll never find you. You’re dead. Post-Reichenbach. Every night, John looks for familiar hints of Sherlock in the men he meets in bars, and he does with them all the things he wishes he’d done before. Eventually, he stumbles into a situation that Sherlock would know how to handle, and John must decide whether he can handle it without him.

  • Tumblr, where I post mostly about Sherlock, with bits of Game of Thrones, Joss Whedon, Harry Potter, cats, cephalopods, toast, and whatever else catches my attention.  I also make charts about AO3 and write other things, frequently silly and/or geeky in nature.

Please feel free to say hi, here or on Tumblr!


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